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Chair "Thermodynamics for Biofuels"

In contrast with classic petroleum fluids, biomass contains a large amount of oxygenated molecules.
As a consequence, the intermolecular interactions are much stronger and diverse, resulting in complex phenomena that need to be correctly understood. In the presence of water, oils or gases, the mixture may exhibit non-linear boiling behaviour, liquid demixtion or strong positive or negative mixing enthalpies.
The chair focuses on the development of mathematical tools for describing this behavior. 


Biomasse et hydrocarbures : quelles différences et quelles conséquences
 pour la thermodynamique des procédés ?
 (.pdf - 7 pages - 72 Ko) 


Capture  Teaching of applied thermodynamics at IFP School
interview  Interview with Professor Jean-Charles de Hemptinne
   Pr Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, from IFP Energies Nouvelles,
   explains what Thermodynamics is and its importance to
   Chemical Engineering, and speaks about his teaching and research.
Vignette-video-Part-1  Thermodynamics is everywhere (water)
Vignette-video-Part-2  Mixtures and separations through evaporation
Vignette-video-Part-3  Non-ideality and liquid immiscibility
Vignette-video-Part-4  Water, ethanol and fuels 
Quizz-chaire-thermo-  How to use molecular features for separations in product   manufacturing ?