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Short term and long term opportunities to leverage synergies between the electricity and transport sectors through power-to-hydrogen

Project leaders : Hinicio & LBST

Executive Summary
As part of its research program “The future of energy: leading the change”, Fondation Tuck sponsored a study performed jointly by Hinicio and LBST between September and December 2015 which evaluates the technical and economic potential of power-to-gas technologies.

Coupling the electricity sector to the gas, mobility and industry sectors; power-to-gas is viewed by many experts as key in a future energy system characterised by a large share of intermittent wind and solar energy generation.             read more

Hinicip-Figure1Figure 1: Overview on power-to-gas technologies and applications
(source: LBST)


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HINICIO and LBST nominated for ADEME-DENA Franco-German Innovation award

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