IDées Transition bas carbone (S4/4)


Cette réunion vous est proposée et sera animée par Jean-Alain TAUPY, responsable du groupe IDées "Transition énergétique vers le bas carbone"

Lundi 13 mai 2024 - Etat actuel du développement de la fusion nucléaire dans le monde, publique-privé 


Andreas EHINGER, IDées - Bienvenue
Jean-Alain TAUPY, IDées - Introduction

Joëlle ELBEZ-UZAN, Euro-Fusion, Project Leader - DEMO Fusion reactor
EU DEMO progress and evolution 

Andrew HOLLANDChief Executive Officer at Fusion Industry Association
Developments in the Global Private Fusion Industry

With over two decades of experience in science, energy, policy, and politics, Andrew Holland has been at the forefront of discussions surrounding sustainable energy security and addressing climate change.
Andrew Holland has spoken about energy security, Arctic policy, climate security, and water resources at high-profile events in several countries, including Brussels, China, Geneva, London, South Korea, and Washington, D.C., USA.
As an expert in energy policy and international strategy, Andrew leads the FIA’s advocacy for the private fusion industry. He has also worked for the American Security Project and Senator Chuck Hagel.
Andrew holds a MSc. in International Strategy and Economics from the University of St. Andrews and is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Débat : Animé par Jean-Alain TAUPY

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